Who are Cell-Supply NZ?

NZ's Specialist supplier of lithium cells

Cell-Supply NZ, formerly 18650batteries.nz, is the leading lihtium battery store in New Zealand, offering a wide range of genuine, brand-name, high-quality lithium batteries. Batteries like the 18350, 18650, and 21700, are all part of our varied range.

We take pride in offering the most up-to-date and newest supplies of both cells and chargers. Because we understand the urgency of today’s world, we’ve built a solid reputation for on-time delivery and excellent customer service. Please contact one of our experts if you have any questions.

When it comes to lithium batteries, we’ve all seen the news and we can understand people are concerned. We’re serious about quality and safety. We follow the European Union requirements to provide you with lithium batteries that have been thoroughly inspected and tested. No matter what kind of battery you need, whether a basic battery case or the most up-to-date battery charger, we have everything here.

Best Value

Best Value Lithium Batteries

The current lithium-ion market is becoming increasingly scarce as demand outpaces supply. Demand for lithium-ion batteries has soared due to the popularity of electric vehicles, leading to a surge in fake cells and some suppliers overstating capacities and outputs. No matter what, we will never compromise on the quality of our batteries.

Genuine Cells

Genuine Authentic Lithium Cells

With so many websites, wholesalers, and auction sites selling fake or outdated cells, knowing what you're purchasing could be tricky unless you're an expert. Only grade A, sorted, authentic cells with recent manufacture dates are supplied.

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

We understand how important it is for you to receive your products quickly, and we aim to meet your expectations! Our Tauranga warehouse ships orders each day. All in-stock orders submitted before 6 p.m. will be processed the same day.

More About 18350, 18650 & 21700 Lithium Batteries

In the future, the globe will run entirely on electricity instead of fossil fuels, as is currently the case.

The benefits of using 18650 li ion batteries are many and varied. They are popular for a number of reasons, including their high energy density, low self-discharge rate, and wide operating temperature range. Lithium-ion cells are also relatively lightweight and have a low environmental impact.

Applications for 18650 & 21700 lithium-ion cells include power tools, electric vehicles, and portable electronics such as laptop computers and cell phones. 18650 cells are also used in some medical devices, such as implantable cardioverter defibrillators.

As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, the use of lithium-ion cells will become increasingly popular until, no doubt they are replaced by something else. Their high energy density means they can store a large amount of energy in a small space, making them ideal for use in electric vehicles. Lithium batteries are also much more efficient than leadacid batteries, meaning that they produce less waste and require less energy to produce. The wide operating temperature range of lithium-ion cells makes them suitable for use in a variety of environments, including extremely cold or hot climates. Their low selfdischarge rate means that they can be stored for long periods of time without losing their charge, making them ideal for use in emergency situations.18650 lithium-ion batteries

18650 batteries
18650 batteries / cells
21700 batteries
21700 batteries / cells

What does 18650 mean on a battery?

Lithium-ion batteries are classified by size, and the 18650 li-ion batteries  (18mm by 65mm) are one of them. If you’ve ever handled one, you know it’s the same size as an AA battery but a little thicker. 21700 (21mm by 70mm) are taller and thicker and often have higher outputs and better capacities than their smaller 18650 cousins. AA batteries, on the other hand, are sometimes referred to as 14500 batteries due to their 14mm diameter and 50mm height. All cylindrical lithium-ion batteries have the same nomenclature, with the size of the battery dictating the name given to it (diameter, followed by height).

How much power is in an 18650 or 21700 battery?

The capacity in mAh (milliamp hours) and the maximum continuous discharge in A of batteries are the two most critical specifications (amperes). Choose one over the other when it comes to batteries. The maximum continuous discharge of high-capacity batteries is limited, whereas the capacity of high-amp batteries is large. Currently, the most powerful 18650 batteries are about 3500mAh in capacity or 35A in amps, you cannot have maximum capacity and output it is always a trade-off. 21700 cells with their larger size can offer a capacity of 5000mAh or an output of 45A. 

New to Lithium Batteries?

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