Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650GA 18650 3500mAh 10A Rechargeable Battery

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  • Size 18650
  • Cell type: Flat Top
  • Nominal Capacity: 3500mAh
  • Continuous Discharge Rating (max): 10A
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
  • Maximum Voltage: 4.2V
  • Discharge cut-off Voltage: 2.5V

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Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650GA 3500mAh 10A Rechargeable Battery – NCR18650GA

Panasonic purchased Sanyo a while back, and the NCR18650GA continues on in both styles. Our NCR18650GA is the in Sanyo brand wrap, but the cells are identical underneath.

The Sanyo NCR18650GA 18650 3500mAh 10A flat top Battery is a highquality battery that is perfect for those who need a reliable and powerful battery. This battery can provide up to 10A of continuous current, making it ideal for highdrain devices. It also has a flat top design, making it compatible with a wide range of devices. The battery also has a high capacity of 3500mAh, making it perfect for those who need a longlasting battery.

The Sanyo NCR18650GA is ideal for Power Banks, Battery Packs, BMS, and High-Performance Flashlights. One of the numerous features of this battery is its capacity of up to 3,500 mAh, making it one of the greatest capacity 18650 cells available. It also has medium-high discharge/drain capability with no capacity degradation. These characteristics explain why it’s so common in a wide range of devices, including electric vehicles and e-bikes. It can offer up to 10 Amps of Constant Discharge without overheating or putting any strain on the battery, and it has a capacity of up to 3,500 mAh.


Manufacturer Sanyo
Model NCR18650GA
Size 18650
Positive Terminal Flat Top
Nominal Capacity 3500mAh
Continuous Discharge Rating (max) 10A
Nominal Voltage 3.6V
Maximum Voltage 4.2V
Discharge cut-off Voltage 2.5V
Protected No
Rechargeable Yes
Approx. Dimensions 18.5mm x 65.3mm
Approx. Weight 48g
Country of Origin Japan
Associated Names 18650GA, Sanyo GA
Data Specification Sheet Sanyo NCR18650GA Datasheet

IMPORTANT : This cell is unprotected and intended for use in protected battery packs only and NOT individually or as a standalone product. In order to operate safely it must have additional protection in the form of a PCB (protection circuit board) or BMS (battery management system), which is not included.

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1 review for Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650GA 18650 3500mAh 10A Rechargeable Battery

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jon Bradshaw

    I was a little unsure as they looked different to the Panasonic batteries I removed. These work just as well, no dramas. Great technical support too. I will be buying more from here.

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