Case for four 18650 cells

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This 18650 Battery Protective Case is perfect for those who need an extra layer of protection for their batteries. The hard plastic case is durable and will keep your batteries safe from drops and other potential damage. The case has a snapclosure lid that keeps the batteries securely in place.

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18650 Battery Protective Case 4x 18650

The 18650 Battery Protective Case is a musthave for anyone who owns or uses 18650 batteries. This tough and durable case is made of highimpact plasticย that holds batteries securely in place. The case has a snaplock lid that keeps batteries from being accidentally dislodged. The case is also stackable, so you can keep multiple batteries organised and protected.

  • Plastic Protective case designed to hold (4) size 18650 batteries
  • Size: 80mm x 23mm x 72mm

When sending out our battery orders, we make use of these cases for our small quantity orders.

Will button-top batteries fit in this case?

They usually don’t. (our MJ1 button tops don’t) The case has an internal dimension for accepting button top cells of 68mm, so provided your cell is less than 68mm, including the button you are all good.

1 review for Case for four 18650 cells

  1. 4 out of 5

    Tim Anderson

    Not sure how long the catch will last, but they do the job. The ‘middle two’ cell positions are slightly more generous than the end too.

    Considering they cam free with my order, I am not complaining and for less than $2 they are good value.

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