Battery Comparison Chart

You can sort our stock by whatever attribute you’d like, find the capacity and discharge rating that would suit your needs and use the product link to go to that battery.

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Don’t forget to check the size before you buy. We have both 18650 & 21700 batteries on this list.

MakeSizeModelCapacity (mAh)Discharge (A)Product Link
LG18650HE2250020LG HE2
LG18650M26260010LG M26
LG18650MH1320010LG MH1
LG18650MJ1350010LG MJ1
LG21700M50LT500015LG M50LT
Molicel18650M35A350010Molicel M35A
Molicel18650P28A260035Molicel P28A
Nitecore18650NL183535004Nitecore NL1835
Nitecore18650NL1835HP35008Nitecore NL1835HP
Panasonic18650NCR18650B32506.7Panasonic NCR18650B
Panasonic18650NCR18650BD318010Panasonic NCR18650BD
Samsung1865025R250020Samsung 25R
Samsung1865026J26005.2Samsung 26J
Samsung1865030Q300015Samsung 30Q
Samsung1865032E32006.4Samsung 32E
Samsung1865035E350010Samsung 35E
Sanyo18650NCR18650GA350010Sanyo NCR18650GA
Sony18650VTC5A260025Sony VTC5A
Sony18650VTC6A300015Sony VTC6A
Molicel21700P42A420045Molicel P42A
Molicel21700P45B450045Molicel P45B
Nitecore21700NL215050008Nitecore NL2150
Samsung2170030T300035Samsung 30T
Samsung2170050E50009.8Samsung 50E
Samsung2170040T400035Samsung 40T
Samsung2170050S500025Samsung 50S
Vapcell18350M1111009Vapcell M11
Vapcell18350A11110010Vapcell A11